Park View Montessori School 3 – Chicago, Illinois

Located approximately 4 miles north of the loop, our Chicago-based Montessori School can provide a great start to your child’s early childhood development.

Park View Montessori School in Chicago is located on Irving Park Road at the cities beautiful lakefront. After more than 20 years in this location, we encourage to continue the development of the whole child: the academics as well as the physical, the personal as well as the social. Indoor and outdoor activities support the development of a healthy mind in a healthy body.

Park View Montessori supports the child as she prepares herself, not only for elementary school, but for life. Daily group lessons provide opportunities for community building. Small group activities promote turn-taking as well as problem solving. The outcome of the Toddler plus three year Preschool experience is a child who has been treated with respect, and deals respectfully with self and others. She enjoys successful interactions with children and adults, and has acquired skills to help deal with the give-and-take of daily social interaction. She has an authentic appreciation of liking herself, and can feel able to meet challenges that are part of daily living.

“The child’s creative energy require a loving and understanding response.”
~Dr. Maria Montessori

Areas of Environment:

  • Practical Living – real life water activities like dishwashing, small muscle manipulative exercises, art, individual snack, line time
  • Sensorial – didactic materials developed by Maria Montessori for sensory/motor learners
  • Academics – the following are academic areas focused on at Park View Montessori:
    • Language – reading and writing
    • Math – concrete and conceptual, 1-10, decimal system, and processes
    • Science – world of plants, animals, and rocks
    • Geography – study of space, time, and cultures

Park View Montessori’s Goals:

  • Independence – Children will learn to work by themselves without constant adult supervision. Everyday functions like fastening clothes and shoe tying are accomplished.
  • Concentration – Your child’s attention span will develop, fostering good study habits.
  • Coordination – Exercises that strengthen your child’s hand for writing and train the eye for reading are provided.
  • Order – The environment is based on order. Order leads to logical thinking for future math concepts, problem solving, and decision making.
  • Socialization – A natural environment encouraging children to meet, interact, and make friends.
  • Academic Growth – Your child is encouraged to learn to read, write, and form math concepts.
  • Emotional Stability – Your child will develop a positive self-concept and view of education.
  • Self-Control – Children develop inner discipline and become responsible for their own actions.

Give your child the opportunity to say:

Founded in 1990

a private, independent, racially
non-discriminatory school
in Chicago, Illinois.